"Temporarily homeless" hiatus

Sorry I’ve basically dropped off the face of the earth. I’m in the process of moving from one city to another, but to make things difficult, my new place isn’t exactly ready yet. It’s still under renovation (and there’s no deadline for when it’ll be ready), so right now I’m basically homeless. For now I’m staying with either my mom or my bf’s mom and they both have atrocious Internet, so I’m probably not going to be online much. Hopefully the new apartment will be ready somewhere around mid-August, but honestly idk.

Hope you have a great summer and stick around even if I’m gone for a while! (I won’t hold it against you if you don’t!) See you soon!

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That’s how they tortured her in the Capitol. Soaked her and then used electric shocks.



  • Knock n’ Run
  • Following Someone By Walking A Metre Behind Them
  • Hiding In Plain Sight.


Obrigado JOACHIM LOEW! 수고했어, 요기! :-))

Just One Of The Guys - Jenny Lewis (x)


orphan black has one white straight dude main character and they call him “big dick paul” and that’s literally all you need to know about why orphan black is my favorite tv show